sensory sloshing: the plot thickens

October 2021

Taking place in Jyll Bradley’s Green / Light For (M.R) and Jacqueline Donachie’s Beautiful Sunday, people of all abilities were invited to immersive themselves in the artworks and use their bodies to explore different ways of interacting with them. Designed like a Happening, people were free to create a series of playful performances for ourselves to enjoy in a safe and supportive environment. Unwinding with guided meditation and gentle movement, we moved through the Gasworks site like mobile artworks. A collection of soft and enticing sculptures made from foam, feathers, tape, paper, fabric and cardboard, inspired by the site, were dotted around ready for sensory play alongside objects from the natural world. Photography by Joe Hill & Sara Soulsby and video by fullfathomfilm.

“Thank you for responding to the site and my work in such a sensitive and creative way and inspiring so many others….congratulations on a unique and really meaningful project”

Jyll Bradley

“Thank you so much for your lovely workshop it was such a blissful playful space in the midst of a mad stressful week”


“I hope you’ll do more of this kind of thing, it was really nice having a space to move playfully and use our imaginations”


Looking, listening, smelling, moving, dancing, running, skipping, dreaming, laughing, improvising, connecting, mirroring, drawing, spinning, singing…