Kate Bush The Organiser

Cabinets of curiosities, improvised interactions and tactile delights with scents so sweet

Mixed-media performative installation exploring random connections, creating a collage of multi-sensory materials. Eccentric figure, Kate Bush, inspired a series of spontaneous, improvised performances of object interaction, dance, poetic spoken word and guided meditation. The atmosphere was one of someone playfully unself-conscious in a bedroom. Performer and audience merged into reality as people engaged freely with curiosity. The installation included interactive plastic screens, found objects and furniture, foam shapes, photos, plants, tiles, scents of jasmine, eucalyptus, pine and bergamot, sound recordings from the everyday and a playlist of groovy music. The installation spread out over the space, merging with the pre-existing architecture of old, industrial pipes and responding to the patterns of natural light on various surfaces.

The Mindful Dance workshop was also hosted in the installation.

Exhibited at Graftin (BA Fine Art) Kingston School of Art Degree Show

June 2018