I design and facilitate experimental sensory workshops centred around meditation and mindfulness with playful performance and improvisation. Together, we explore interactions with objects, materials, spaces and each other. I invite people to see the world through a lens of mindful curiosity, to visit places of calm and wonder, dance and explore their surroundings and rediscover their inner child/natural performer. Using my presence as a host, I allow these inspiring and amusing experiences to develop in collaboration with participants of all ages and abilities with the aim to benefit well-being. My workshops are adaptable to different spaces and have taken place in person and online. Examples of delivering and designing include improvisation with older participants and mindfulness for office workers. I also have experience in co-facilitating sensory, art making workshops with families and children with SEND at venues such as Tate Modern, Whitechapel Gallery, The British Museum and with Leap Then Look and Spare Tyre.