a dawdle of euphoria

February 2019

Participatory guided meditation performance using a poetic fantasy story. Soft sculptures of various sizes, called Winged Oranges, made of foam covered in orange duct tape and silver strands were revealed at the end of the meditation using a fan to direct them to the participants. Devised and written in collaboration with Fanis Sakellariou.

Winged Orange (7 x 15 cm)

A Dawdle of Euphoria

We’re going to start with a little wind down
Take three deep breathes in and out 
and on the third one, close your eyes.
Now, imagine 
you are scanning down through your body, 
starting from the top of your head 
and down to the tips of your toes, 
releasing any tension you might find.
Feel the weight of your body 
resting on the floor, as you sink down.
Breathe in the air around you 
and let it concentrate 
in the centre of your chest.
Allow it to transform into liquid sunlight, 
embracing you whole, 
pouring through every inch of your being.
As your body is resting, 
feel this liquid sunlight enlarging, 
grounding itself, 
reaching deep below the surface
Imagine you are a palm tree 
with many fine fronds to your name
Beneath your roots, 
a stream of zingy hope
runs deep below 
glide your feet 
along the silky green liquid
feel the expectations drift past you 
and the truths of the day 
transcend into stars of clarity, 
submerging your mind’s eye.
there passes the winged oranges 
on their daily dance. 
Grab a cup full of zesty zen 
before they move on.
See the hot spring of yonder up ahead, 
bubbling with sweet delight
As you float towards it, 
allow your body 
to be embraced by those raspberry juices. 
Smell the sapphire?
Breathe, look at those firecrackers 
Spread a little marmalade 
and dip your toes 
in the pool of liquid contentment 
Dip and dive now…
Taste the lilac aura of the flow 
around you 
as your weight 
is being carried downstream.
Craving for the twinkling 
freefall under the pond 
following the sounds 
of the lapping amethyst. 
The whooshing sigh 
of the underwater waterfall 
transcends into the flowing currents 
of the twisting halocline.
Caves breathe 
with deepening endeavours. 
Feel their reassuring pulses 
as you sink your toes 
into the golden carpet
Fuzzy inclinations 
offer you a segment of basorexia.
Consider the Halocline 
of submerged vibrant cravings
Dip and dive now 
as the moonbeams kiss 
the sea of velvet dreams 
Look around you. 
Notice the particles of cashmere 
singing in their choir. 
The sea drifts 
with every note they sing, 
creating ripples 
of harmonious euphoria. 
The complex caterpillar 
offers you 
a sapphire oyster to nibble on.  
As you drink it in, 
you feel any tension in your body 
oozing away 
into the enchanted depths. 
From there 
they transform 
into willing moon shells. 
They patter along the satin sea bed, 
emitting the calming smells of wonder.  
Breathe in deeply. 
Can you feel 
the blessed ruby air 
surrounding your body 
as you glide amongst 
the velvet waves?
Satin desires emerge from the depths 
to embrace your whole being. 
Liquid sunlight 
creates reflective patterns 
on your peaceful smelling skin, 
as soothing beams of wanderlust 
lift you up into the air, 
through the swirling mist of curiosity. 
Up through the air
Welcome to the Cloud Palace, 
where dazzling dreams 
radiate with fluffy possibility. 
The smell of the wise eucalyptus 
swirls through the clock towers of 
bathing you in freedom. 
Opal petals 
fall down upon your head, 
gracing you 
with their sublime tranquillity.
Pistachios thank you 
for your presence 
and brassy plums 
blow you a kiss.
You ascend 
the spiralling towers of lightness 
immersing all your senses 
in this festive delight. 
What can your eyes see?
What can your ears hear?
Inhale the boldness of today.
A flock of winged oranges 
swoop over your head 
releasing a stream of zesty zen. 
Spread a little marmalade 
and take the nibble of the jelly
look at those trickling memories.
Floopy baby pines 
soar through all the octaves
As you sashay 
through eternal corridors of mirth, 
you hear the sounds 
of silky spring onions in the distance
Notice in the corner there, 
the honey scented ointment 
lets out a sparkling melody of ease. 
Waves of comfort. 
And, and, and, and 
yearning for toothpaste kisses, 
they call you over.
As you turn your gaze 
to the avenues of whitest views, 
a retrospective recognition is seen below.
Innocent grains 
of thought particles bounce around 
and inside, playfully travelling towards 
the ever flowing desert 
of intrinsic curiosity.
Dip and dive now…
Dive inside 
the golden light 
of paddy satisfaction. 
Open up your mind 
to magnetically embrace 
the warmth of the sandy vision 
bellow your feet.
Ease yourself down 
into the sandy stream.
Feel the buttery sun 
warming up your inner being
Revealing ancient, 
amalgamations of trickling amber. 
The gentle warmth 
of the crackling iris 
soars down to meet you, 
surrounding you 
in a retrospective spectacle of crystals 
A crystalized vision 
of the glowing tangerine sunset 
spreads out before you
The radiance of the citrus light 
forms a path 
of internalised flames of youth.
Rusty mountains 
of suede time create a cosy nest
Look above you
The sky is changing
Crackling colours 
of the earth sweep over the horizon 
Bathing the desert 
in a soothing quality.
The zesty, winged oranges 
begin the flight home 
Their sparkling wings 
reflect the tenderness 
of this golden hour.
The light dances 
over the amber desert, 
ascending to 
the clocktowers of cosmology, 
it spirals around 
the particles of cashmere
Emerging through the lilacline, 
you swim down 
through the atmosphere.
Tumbling softly down 
through the clouds, 
you emerge into the fresh air.
Swirling back into 
the open space of the Studio Theatre 
and down into your resting body.
As the warmth flows through you, 
it wakes up your zesty body.
Start wiggling your toes and fingers.
If it feels good to you, 
take a full body stretch.
Roll to your right side 
and slowly come back to a seated position.
When you’re ready, open your eyes 
and look at everybody in the room. 
Give them a smile.
Silently thank them 
for experiencing this with you.
You may now collect your winged orange 
to remember this dawdle of euphoria.