calais house

March 2015

Collaborative project with students from UCA Canterbury and School of Arts Calaisis: Jeanne Pruvot-Simmoneaux, Marta Z, Julien Pélabon, Pierre-Etienne Baclez and Mathilde Marquant. Responding to a site of abandoned flats with performance, video, photography, projection and installation. Exploring the themes of life, death, the everyday and the uncanny. After visiting the flats, we were inspired to return and film ourselves exploring the rooms. I was fascinated by all the beauty in the decay, the many layers of wallpaper and colourful remains which prompted thoughts about the echo of past lives. After a warning from the police (thinking we were squatters) we made short performances pretending to be in the flats, doing various everyday actions, such as putting up new wallpaper, and returned at night to project the videos onto the building.